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  • Hello! Welcome to   Zhongshan Suolun Solar Photovoltaic Co., Ltd.!

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    Online Service

    More than 10 years of research and
    development, production and sales of solar street lights

    Solar street light leading brand


    Solar Street Light - Solar Photoelectric Expert
    Advocating green lighting, deducting energy forever

          National service hotline



    Focused on R&D, production and
    sales for more than 10 years
    Rural solar street light project

    When choosing which street light product
    Are you still suffering from these problems?

    Project bidding, can't find
    Manufacturers with core technical strength

    After-sales service is not strong, unable to install guidance on site, no after-sales service,
    Emergency situations cannot be resolved quickly;

    Mistakenly buying street lights with unguaranteed quality, the masses complained,
    The leader has opinions and the project funds will not be completed.

    Untimely delivery, supplier, no stocking
    Delayed engineering?

    In less than two months, the street light was smashed by a third.
    Half of the street lights are not bright in the evening when it is rainy.

    Choose several advantages of suolun

    rst-class enterprise, first-class brand, first-class products, first-class service

    More than 10 years of production experience
    Specializing in the production of solar street lights

    1558160644242020225.png High-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of solar street lamps, won the first brand
     of solar street lamp industry

    1558160644242020225.png The factory covers an area of 18000 square metersand employs more than 300 people. It has advanced
      testing equipment and is fully equipped, including light pole components.

    1558160644242020225.png Obtained funds for the city's technology-based technology innovation projects. 

    1558160644242020225.png It has professional certifications such as ISO9001 quality certification system, ISO14001 environmental
      certification system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system.

    1558160644242020225.png The completed projects have been spread across cities and towns across the country.

    Advanced production equipment
    Professional production staff

    1558160644242020225.png The solar panels are produced by an automatic welding machine and a fully automatic laminating machine. The mechanized production improves the quality of the products while effectively reducing the cost. All solar panel components are inspected by professional institutions in the industry, with high quality and affordable price.

    1558160644242020225.png Lithium-ion battery has the characteristics of long cycle charge and discharge life, high charge-discharge rate, energy saving and environmental protection. Sauron has been focusing on the research and development and production of lithium-ion battery packs for solar street lamps. The lithium batteries used have obtained independent patent certificates.

    1558160644242020225.png Super anti-rainy weather, low light charging, continuous rainy days can charge more than 15% per day.

    Focus on innovation, quality first
    Specializing in the production of solar street lights

    1558160644242020225.png Facing the fierce competition environment of the current lighting market, the company always adheres to the product technology innovation first, continuously improves the scientific and technological content of the products, and makes the products have the characteristics of exquisite workmanship, safety and energy saving, easy installation, long-term use and beautiful appearance, and has more than 70 product patents. . Products are widely used in various key projects of urban construction, in order to improve the timely pre-sales, sales, after-sales service to customer satisfaction.

    High quality, affordable

    1558160644242020225.png Introduce scientific operation management model from production to sales, realize the middle 0
      link, maximize the protection of customer interests, and adhere to the principle of honest service!

    1558160644242020225.pngCustomer first, professional technical service. 

      According to the customer's actual use environment, geographical, climate and other factors,
      provide customers with professional design and match the most reasonable solution.
      According to the customer's needs, dispatch professional engineers and technicians to guide
      the installation on a one-to-one basis, which is convenient, safe and fast.

    1558160644242020225.png Careful, meticulous, and careful, the quality of maintenance is satisfactory.

      After-sales team tracking, pursuit of excellence, service perfect, you only use, the rest we solve.



      • 榮譽證書-CE認證
      • 榮譽證書-ISO9001
      • 榮譽證書-ISO28001職業健康安全管理證書
      • 榮譽證書-ISO14001環境管理體系統認證
      • 榮譽證書-RoHS
      • 榮譽證書-Suolun商標注冊證
      • 榮譽證書-商標注冊證(櫻倫)
      • 榮譽證書-檢測報告(1)
      • 榮譽證書-檢測報告
      • 榮譽證書-國家級燈具檢驗報告
      • 榮譽證書-中國建設工程推廣品牌
      • 榮譽證書-中國照明行業十佳名優品牌
      • 榮譽證書-城市及道路照明工程專業承包三級資質
      • 榮譽證書-節能環保推廣產品
      • 榮譽證書-質量、服務、信譽AAA級企業
      • 榮譽證書-中國名優產品
      • 榮譽證書-中國著名品牌
      • 營業執照


      Customers from Africa have been working together since 2014
      Customers from Africa have been working together since 2014. In June 2016, customers came to negotiate new cooperation projects. Sauron demonstrated to customers the latest patented products ------ lithium battery storage and control integrated solar street lights, the customer fully affirmed the product quality and company strength, and signed the order contract on the spot and determined the long-term procurement cooperation program.
      Customers from Africa have been working together since 2014
      Customers from Africa have been working together since 2014. In June 2016, customers came to negotiate new cooperation projects. Sauron demonstrated to customers the latest patented products ------ lithium battery storage and control integrated solar street lights, the customer fully affirmed the product quality and company strength, and signed the order contract on the spot and determined the long-term procurement cooperation program.
      Micronesian Federal Congressman Isaac
      The Commonwealth of the Federated States of Micronesia, Isaac Fiji, and his entourage came to the ancient town of Dengdu. The leaders of the ancient town appointed foreign guests to visit our company. Under the patient explanation of the Minister of Foreign Trade of our company, foreign guests learned about the design concept of solar street lamps and Advantage
      Micronesian Federal Congressman Isaac
      The Commonwealth of the Federated States of Micronesia, Isaac Fiji, and his entourage came to the ancient town of Dengdu. The leaders of the ancient town appointed foreign guests to visit our company. Under the patient explanation of the Minister of Foreign Trade of our company, foreign guests learned about the design concept of solar street lamps and Advantage


      Guangdong Suolun Solar Photovoltaic Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 (the registered capital of 50.08 million), is located in Chinese "lighting capital" - town, Soren Technology Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong subsidiary companies. Over the years the company focused on the development of solar photovoltaic products, production and sales. The main brands sooln, YingLun cherry Lun, SuoLun, three series of nearly 1,000 varieties. The company has a production line of solar modules, solar lighting, control systems product line, is the first in the town lights are solar photovoltaic products, professional manufacturers. The company produces a variety of sales of solar modules, LED street light, solar street lights, solar lawn lights and other solar lighting products. And customers can design, planning, installation and stable economic and practical performance and grid and stand-alone solar photovoltaic systems engineering.
      • Workshop Production
      • Group Activity
      • Smt placement machine
      • High precision solar panel test
      • laser cutting
      • Lithium battery sorting






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